Bare metal Cloud

Stay in full control of your environment with high performance single-tenant dedicated servers.

  • 2-minute provisioning, One-click Backups, Save machine images.
  • Provisioning & Automating Bare Metal Machines For Containers .
  • Starting at ₹6,424/mo OR ₹8/hr

Bare Metal Pricing Plan

  • Windows
  • linux
Plan vCPU Dedicated RAM Disk Space Price Order Now
High Frequency WSD8.25GB 8 25 GB 445 GB ₹8,431/mo  (₹10.50/hr)
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WSD12.55GB 12 55 GB 450 GB ₹11,643/mo  (₹14.50/hr)
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With Large CPU WSD32.100GB 32 100 GB 445 GB ₹16,661/mo  (₹20.75/hr)
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With Extra Disk Space WSDD8.25GB 8 25 GB 900 GB ₹10,640/mo  (₹13.25/hr)
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WSDD12.55GB 12 55 GB 900 GB ₹13,049/mo  (₹16.25/hr)
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WS4D12.55GB 12 55 GB 1800 GB ₹14,252/mo  (₹17.75/hr)
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Plan vCPU Dedicated RAM Disk Space Price Order Now
Smart Dedicated Compute Plans SDC-8.45GB 8 45 GB 400 GB ₹6,205/mo  (₹8.5/hr)
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SDC-12.60GB 12 60 GB 600 GB ₹9,490/mo  (₹13/hr)
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SDC-16.90GB 16 90 GB 800 GB ₹11,680/mo  (₹16/hr)
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SDC-24.120GB 24 120 GB 1200 GB ₹8,980/mo  (₹26/hr)
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SDC-32.180GB 32 180 GB 600 GB ₹27,740/mo  (₹38/hr)
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SDC-48.240GB 48 240 GB 2400 GB ₹39,420/mo  (₹54/hr)
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Double Smart Dedicated Compute Plans SDC-8.90GB 8 90 GB 800 GB ₹7,665/mo  (₹10.5/hr)
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SDC-12.120GB 12 120 GB 1200 GB 11,680/mo  (₹16/hr)
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SDC-16.180GB 16 180 GB 1500 GB ₹16,060/mo  (₹22/hr)
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SDC-24.240GB 24 240 GB 2400 GB ₹23,360/mo  (₹32/hr)
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SDC-32.360GB 32 360 GB 3200 GB ₹32,120/mo  (₹44/hr)
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SDC-48.480GB 48 480 GB 4800 GB ₹46,720/mo  (₹64/hr)
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SDC-64.720GB 64 720 GB 6000 GB ₹65,700/mo  (₹90/hr)
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Smart Dedicated Compute Large Storage Plans SDC-16.60GB 16 vCPUs 60 GB 1800 GB ₹13,870/mo  (₹19/hr)
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SDC-24.90GB 24 90 GB 2700 GB ₹19,710/mo  (₹27/hr)
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SDC-32.120GB 32 120 GB 600 GB ₹25,550/mo  (₹35/hr)
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SDC-48.180GB 48 180 GB 5400 GB ₹37,960/mo  (₹52/hr)
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SDC-64.240GB 64 240 GB 7200 GB ₹54,750/mo  (₹75/hr)
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SDC-96.360GB 96 360 GB 10800 GB ₹73,000/mo  (₹100/hr)
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SDC-128.480GB 128 480 GB 14400 GB ₹91,250/mo  (₹125/hr)
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Dedicated Hardware
Superfast Deployment
No Contracts
Monthly/Hourly Billing
Easy Migration
Low Cost


Full Access Is Granted

Bare metal servers are entirely allocated physical servers. You have unrestricted access to your machines and can identify the exact hardware at the component level.

The Performance Is Consistent

Our bare metal servers are never moved or reconfigured without your specific request or permission. Your compute instances deliver predictable and consistent performance every day.

The Hardware Is Intel-Powered

Our bare metal servers are powered only by the latest Intel Xeon processors. We are the right place to look for the latest and best in performance hardware.


No Noisy Neighbor

Reliable performance with only one virtual machine on a dedicated host.

Automated Backups

One-click enable automated continuous backups and safeguard your data.


Launch, manage and terminate machines on-demand around the clock.


Scale-up and scale down on-demand with custom-defined rules and criteria.

Interactive API

Programmatically manage your machines with our highly responsive API interface.

Save Machine Images

One-click save your machine images and run multiple replicas of the machine.

Delightful Support

Our support team consists of seasoned and highly trained engineers to assist customers with all levels of technical understanding and experience.

Universal Transfer

Unique single-bucket IP lowers cost by enabling bandwidth sharing across environments. 10 TB of bandwidth is included in the monthly cost.

Route-Optimized IP Service

The highway for your horsepower. Your Bare Metal solution includes Performance IP, HammadTech route-optimized IP service that dynamically routes packets along the lowest-latency path.


Building Applications

Bare metal cloud enables DevOps teams to build, test, and deploy applications more easily. With server root access and cloud-native architecture, you can utilize a wide range of containerization and orchestration software to treat your infrastructure as code.

NoSQL & Relational Databases

Bare metal cloud provides high-performance dedicated resources with a stable and high I/O ratio. Furthermore, its fast provisioning times and automation make it perfect for scalable workloads.

Custom Virtual Environment

Bare metal cloud servers don’t utilize virtualization technologies to segment physical resources into virtual environments. But you are free to install hypervisors, containers, and other types of virtualization layers to create a custom multi-tenant environment.

Big Data

When you need to process and analyze staggering amounts of data (e.g., Hadoop cluster) bare metal cloud takes a significant lead over other cloud solutions performance-wise.Bare metal cloud delivers the speed and scalability you need for extracting valuable insights from Big Data.

AI and Machine Learning

While virtualized cloud machines have fueled the expansion of AI and machine learning, running complex algorithmic operations or natural language processing at scale is significantly faster on bare metal.

Game Servers

Game servers require minimal latency and maximum I/O throughput. To achieve that, dedicated hardware is the only way to go.Bare metal cloud eliminates latency, scalability, and performance issues facing the gaming industry today.

Smart Dedicated Computes on HammadTech

Dedicated CPU’s pinned for a customer and the result is a Smart Dedicated compute.
Dedicated resources are available in the Smart Dedicated compute exclusively for the customer which provides superior performance, reliability, dedicated network port, and easy regulatory compliance.

DBaaS Performance

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Frequently Asked Questions

How a Smart Dedicated Server (SDS) is different from a Cloud VPS?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine emulated on a dedicated host with the help of a hypervisor like KVM. In Cloud VPS environments, more than one VPS sits on a single dedicated host. And all the resources like RAM, CPU, and storage are shared among multiple VPS. Sometimes, this causes resource congestion and will lead to a bad performance of websites and applications. An SDS is also a Virtual Machines. But the difference is, only one virtual machine sits on a dedicated host. So, all the resources are dedicatedly available to that one single VM. That is why an SDS is highly reliable and ensures good performance.

Can we migrate our VPS based workloads to Smart Dedicated Server??

Yes, that is possible. The process is quite similar to how you migrate from one VPS to another.

What is Bare Metal Server?

A Bare Metal Server is a physical server without any virtualization.

How many websites can I host on a Smart Dedicated Server?

There is no such limit. However, we recommend you to do proper testing to understand how your websites work and choose the best server accordingly. We also offer pre-installed cPanel® on our smart dedicated servers with WHM® Access.

How much disk space and bandwidth is available in a Smart Dedicated Server?

The disk space available depends on the type of plan you have chosen.

How do I launch a cPanel® Smart Dedicated Server?

This is simple and straightforward. Create an account at our 24×7 self-service portal. And through the portal, you can launch cPanel® smart dedicated servers on demand.