Acronis Cyber Backup

The Most Reliable and Steadfast Data Backup Solution for Businesses

  • Zero downtime
  • Fast backup
  • AI-based ransomware protection
  • Instant Restore

Cyber Backup Pricing Tables

Acronis Cyber Backup Price Order Now
Acronis Backup Advanced - Workstation ₹ 222 /Devices Contact Us
Acronis Backup Advanced - VM ₹ 488.4 /VM Contact Us
Acronis Backup Advanced - Server ₹ 1332 /Server Contact Us
Acronis Backup Advanced - Virtual Host ₹ 7392 /Host Contact Us
Acronis Backup Advanced - Mailbox Price ₹ 88.8 /Mailbox Contact Us
Acronis Backup Advanced -Mobile Device ₹ 66 /Device Contact Us


Universal License
No Commitment
Web Based Admin Console
Acronis Instant Restore

Acronis Cyber Backup meets all business expectations

Your business needs high uptime, faster backups, and security of entire infrastructure with no impact on production systems. Acronis Cyber Cloud is fast and scalable data backup solution that ensures uptime and complete protection in any disaster.

Zero Downtime

Get full availability and ensure business continuity. It takes only a few seconds for Acronis to avoid ransomware attacks, recover your VMs, and restore servers.

Accelerated backup

Run backups whenever you need, without any impact on performance. Back up your data in just three clicks to enable instant protection.


Save up to 40% as compared to traditional backup solutions. Acronis on-Premise backup software doesn't involve any upfront costs and saves costs on storage space.

Complete Protection

Protect 20+ platforms, be it a cloud, app, hypervisor, or mobile device. All your environments remain secure regardless of the technology you use.

Why Acronis is the best backup solution for your business?

Integrated with new-generation security features, Acronis Cyber Backup is the must-have data backup solution for businesses of all sizes.

Ransomware Protection

Powered by AI and machine learning technologies, Acronis protects your data and files from all the major cyberattacks like ransomware. It remains proactive to detect any attacks and avoid unauthorized access.

Faster Recovery

Acronis is a fast backup software that reduces recovery time to seconds. During recovery, the productivity of your organization is managed simultaneously with the runVM technology.

Secure entire infrastructure

All your data and infrastructure remain secure, whether you use cloud, migrate to new apps, or adopt new business processes. Acronis enables data and infrastructure protection for more than 20 platforms.

Blockchain-based Notary

Acronis Cyber Backup uses blockchain-based notary technology to facilitate data integrity and avoid tampering of data by hackers.

Easy and Simple

Get a simple and scalable tool for the management of regular operations, data protection risks, and backup performance. It is an easy-to-learn solution which saves your efforts and save on education and integration.

Highly Efficient

Protect massive amounts of data with high efficiency, schedule backups as per your need, convert backups into VM files, and use up to 8,000 physical agents per management server, without any impact on running systems.

Most Reliable Backup Solution for Windows and Linux Servers

Acronis is the most efficient and secure backup solution for both Windows and Linux servers. It takes only a few seconds to store and restore your files, applications, or the entire system.

Supports all systems

Acronis Windows Server backup solution protects all the new and legacy systems, from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2019.

Advanced Monitoring

Find advanced reporting and monitoring of your backup status— custom widgets, notifications, critical event alerts, reports, etc.

Multi-tenant management

Administration of remote offices, departments, and branch offices is easier with Acronis. Monitor, delegate, and create distinct tenants.

Native Linux Management Console

Use Acronis native Linux Management Console instead of third-party systems or libraries to minimize data security risks and complexity.

Multiple storage options

Acronis lets you back up your Windows and Linux server environments to NAS, SAN, disks, tapes, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Acronis Cloud, and private clouds.

Blockchain-enabled signatures

Use Acronis ASign – a blockchain-enabled technology to sign files for authenticity and avoid miscommunication with customers and users.

Unified data protection and backup software for your valuable assets

Enable data protection for all your platforms, systems, devices, and operating systems.

Windows Server Microsoft Azure iPhone/iPad Windows PC VMware vSphere Exchange
Windows Server Essentials AWS Android Mac Microsoft Hyper-V SQL Server
Linux Google Workspace Citrix XenServer SharePoint
Office 365 Red Hat Virtualization Active Directory
Linux KVM Oracle Database
VMware vSphere Exchange
Oracle VM Server SAP HANA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Product do I need?

Based on selected license Acronis Backup Advanced allows backup and restore of drives/volumes or whole machines, both physical and virtual, to same or dissimilar hardware, granular backup and restore of Exchange data, application-aware backup of machines with SQL server, SharePoint Server, Active Directory and granular restore of these applications' data. * One license of Acronis Backup Advanced for PC/for Windows Server/for Linux Server for each physical or virtual machine. * One license of Acronis Backup Advanced for Exchange/for SQL/for SharePoint/for Active Directory for each physical or virtual machine with the respective applications. * One license of Acronis Backup Advanced Hyper-V/for VMware/for RHEV/for Citrix XenServer/for Oracle VM for one physical host to backup all virtual machines on this host. Application-aware backup is included in this license (you only need 1 license to back up all virtual machines and SQL Server/Exchange Server/SharePoint Server/Active Directory running on these virtual machines). Acronis Universal License allows installing software on any of the host operating systems listed above.

How do I set up storage for backups?

A place for storing backups is called a vault. There are personal, centralized managed and centralized unmanaged vaults. Creating vaults will serve to quick access (storage is accessible within product GUI) and easy archive management (viewing archives and backups within archives, browsing backup content, restore, validation or mount of backups, safely delete backups). While personal vaults are specific for each managed machine (and can only be accessible and created using direct connection to the machine), centralized vaults are designed to store backups of multiple machines.

How do I restore my hard drive with Acronis?

Once you've started the bootable version of Acronis Disk Director, go to Tools and select Acronis Recovery Expert from the menu. The wizard will launch and it will allow you to detect deleted partitions and guide you through the recovery process. You can recover your partition either automatically or manually.

How do I restore my computer with Acronis True Image?

Solution Launch Acronis True Image: Click Backup to access your backups: In the Backup section, select the backup which contains the partitions or disks you want to recover, then open the Recovery tab, and then click Disks. By default, the software restores everything to the date of the last successful backup.

What is Acronis cyber backup?

Combining backup with anti-ransomware technologies, Acronis Cyber Backup delivers the cyber protection that today's organizations need to avoid costly downtime, unhappy customers, and lost revenue. ... Minimize costly downtime by starting your backup as a virtual machine to get your system up and running in mere seconds.

How do I use Acronis cyber backup?

If you use Acronis Cyber Backup console in the Acronis Cloud, simply open https://backup.acronis.com/ and provide your Acronis Account email and password to log in. Click All machines > Add. Click Windows. Specify the name or IP address of the machine or browse your network.